Tips for Moving Manufactured Home

Planning to Relocate Your Manufactured Home? Take These Important Steps

Relocating a manufactured home can be a challenging task. Ensuring safety, compliance with local regulations, and avoiding damages are just some of the concerns homeowners face during the process. We’ve compiled this list of important steps to guide you in a successfully moving manufactured home.

1. Research and Plan

Thorough research is crucial when moving a manufactured home. This includes looking up local laws and regulations regarding transportation of oversized loads, obtaining required permits, and assessing insurance needs. Additionally, you’ll have to plan your travel route well in advance and make sure any roads you’ll be using can accommodate the weight, size, and dimensions of your home.

2. Get Professional Help

Hiring a professional company experienced in manufactured home moving is vital to a smooth relocation. They’ll have the necessary equipment, knowledge of legal requirements, and expertise in safely planning and executing the move. Before hiring, remember to request for referrals, read reviews from past clients, and ensure they’re licensed and insured.

3. Prepare Your Home for The Move

Before your moving day arrives, you should ensure all utilities are disconnected. Ask your moving company about their specific requirements for preparing the interior (e.g., securing appliances), and don’t forget to remove external components such as skirting or porches. Taking these precautions will help protect both your home’s structure and its contents while en route.

4. Inspect Your Home

A thorough inspection before and after the move is an important part of protecting your home from damage. Prior to the move, document any existing damage such as dents or scratches in photographs or videos, and share them with your moving company. Upon delivery, inspect your home once again to assess any new issues that may have occurred during transit and report them immediately to the moving company.

A successfully moving manufactured home involves careful research, planning, hiring professional help, preparing your home for transport, and conducting thorough inspections before and after the move. By following these steps, you’ll ensure a safe and efficient relocation, allowing you to settle into your new location with ease. For expert assistance in Morgantown, WV, contact R&T Trucking and Mobile Home Moving at (304) 202-7335.